IPL Information Processing Limited was a software services company based in Bath, United Kingdom. I worked at IPL from 2010 to 2016 and during that time I got to worked with clients such as Nationwide, ORX Association and Qualification Wales. I was also part of the team that helped support and develop the unit testing tool Cantata++ before it was a acquired by QA Systems in 2012.

IPL was aquired by Civica shortly after I left and is now known as Civica Digital



Nationwide Buidling Society is one of the major financial institutions in the UK. During my time working with Nationwide I worked with the development team to build features and fixes for their online bank.

ORX Association

ORX is the largest operational risk association in the financial services sector. They provide a platform for financial institutions to anonymously share financial risk data.

As part of a small team we built the new system to anonymously process the financial risk data. Not only did the system need to be highly secure it also needed to be faster than the previous version. The new system was so fast they no longer needed to stagger the upload of data.

As part of the system I also designed and developed a survey application that allowed ORX to create their own surveys with a range of different question types.

Qualifications in Wales

Qualifications Wales is the independent organisation responsible for regulating general and vocational qualifications in Wales.

I was part of a small agile team in charge of developing the new system for viewing and maintaining qualification information in Wales.

The system was built using the latest Asp.Net MVC available at the time and hosted using the Microsft Azure Cloud Services.