Running Scheduled Console Apps with .Net Core, Cron and Docker

I am a big fan of .Net Core at the moment. Mostly because I can do development natively on my Mac and the fact I can run them in Docker containers (did I mention I love Docker?).

With .Net Core you can build any app you can currently build in vanilla .Net, such as console apps, Web APIs, MVC apps. As you know, console apps generally come in 2 flavours, run all the time and run on a schedule. Typically the scheduled console apps are just hooked up to Windows Task Scheduler and forgotten about (until they break).

Given .Net Core is supposed to be cross-platform, what is the cross-platform equivalent for Windows Task Scheduler? I had a look at building in a timer loop or using a framework such as FluentScheduler but this just felt like adding bulk to an otherwise small console application.

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