Web Design & Development

A website needs to do more than just look nice. I have a wide range of experience in analytics, SEO, accessibility, advertising and responsive design. So not only will your website look great, it will provide you with a real return on your investment.

Web Design & Development

What I Do

I believe in using the best tools for the job. For that reason I build websites using a range of technologies such as Wordpress, Perch CMS and Gatsby JS.

Perch CMS

No matter what technologies are used you will end up with a fast, responsive website that will generate more customers and leads for your business.

What I Offer

  • Bespoke website design tailored to your requirements
  • A fast responsive website that works across modern devices
  • A specialist with two decades worth of experience building websites
  • Integration with a content management system (Perch CMS or Wordpress) so you can update the website yourself
  • Open communication throughout the design process taking account of your feedback at each stage
  • Making sure you have the CMS training you need to update your website
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My Process

The design and build of your website should be a fun and creative process. I will work closely with you through every stage of the project, listening to your feedback and requirements so you have a solution that meets your business goals.

  • Discuss Requirements - We will talk about your goals and what you want your website to do.
  • Cost estimate - Once I have a good idea of the scope of the project I can provide you with a cost and time estimate.
  • Project Overview - I will write a detailed project overview which will list out all the agreed deliverables and costs. If you are happy to go ahead than I will take an initial payment of 40%, so I can schedule in your project.
  • Research & Discovery - At this stage I will find out everything I need to start designing your site. This will include putting together an inspiration package with ideas to include in your site.
  • Wireframe Sketching - We will talk about how you want your website laid out how it will look on mobile devices. I will then produce a series of wireframes for us to agree on.
  • Design - I will put together designs of key pages from the agreed wireframes and discuss typography, colours and other key elements with you.
  • Development - At this point I will build out the site and we can review how it looks throughout the process. I will continue to build up the site until complete while making sure that the site is optimised and performs well.
  • Training - If you have not used the chosen CMS before (Wordpress/Perch CMS) I will give you a run through on how you can edit your website.
  • Testing - Nowadays most browsers behave quite well but it is still important to test across different browsers and devices to make sure your website performs correctly. The website will be available on a public endpoint for you to be able to test. At this point a second payment of 50% will be required before the website can be deployed to production.
  • Deployment - With all testing complete your site will be deployed to your hosting provider and the final 10% payment will be due.

The Cost

The cost of your website will largely depend on what your requirements are. However, I feel it is important to be clear with pricing to give you guideline on what a bespoke responsive website costs.

Costs start at just £2,000 for a basic website. Any additional functionality such as eCommerce or custom forms will come at an additional cost.

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What I Don't Do

I can help you with most aspects of your project but there are few areas where it makes sense for you to provide these.

  • Photography - Images for your website will need to be provided by you during the Design phase. I can however provide a few resources for good stock photos.
  • Content - The wording for your website is very specific to your business. You as the business owner a better placed for writing content that your customers will relate to but I cna help give advice in this area.
  • Illustrations - Custom graphics for your website are best done by a dedicated graphic designer. I can however help you find a freelancer you can work with for this.
  • Hosting & Domain Names - If you own a website already then you will likely already have your own hosting. You should never let a freelancer or agency buy the domain or hosting for you as you could find yourself unable to move it in the future as you don't own the domain. I can however recommend some good web hosts and domain registrars that I use myself.