Code Audits

Outsourcing software development can help bring down the costs but it often comes at the expense of quality. Before taking your product to market it would be wise to get an audit done to find out if there are any potential security or scalability issues.

Code Audits

What I Do

With over a decade of experience writing applications in C#, I can give you expert advice on the quality of your code.

I will go through every line of code in your application and review it for the following:

Security Issues

Making sure your system is secure should be at the top of your agenda. During my audit I will look at the following:

  • Correct implementation of Authentication and Authorisation
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Protection
  • Secure storage of passwords and sensitive data
  • Sufficient access levels to sensitive data

Scalability Issues

Some problems only occur once your application goes live. Database queries which worked well with a small amount of test data can cause performance headaches in production.

Badly written code can also cause performance issues and in some cases you may need to consider caching data in certain areas.

Code Structure

Most applications generally follow particular design patterns. At the very least there should be a decent seperation of concerns between components.

I will review your code and make recommendations on how the code structure can be improved.


Well structured code is one aspect to consider for maintainability. In this area I will be looking for how easy code can be extended and what may need to be changed in future to make it better.


Hopefully your code will have a full set of covering unit tests. If this is not the case then I will look at how easy it would be to test the code. In some cases badly written code can be very difficult to test in isolation.

The Cost

The cost will depend on how much code there is to review and the complexity of the project. An audit of a typical web application is in the range £1,000 to £3,000.

Interested in working with me? Then contact me to discuss your project.