Application Development

Need a bespoke application for your business? No problem, as a Full-Stack Software Developer I have built applications for startups, banks, government organisations and more.

Application Development

What I Do

I build web applications and mobile applications using the latest technologies and built to industry best practices. This can range from a small website calculator to a full bespoke business application.

I mostly use the following technologies for building out applications but I have experience with a lot of different technology stacks if you need something different.

.Net Core
Amazon Web Services
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What I Offer

  • A specialist with a decades worth of experience building applications
  • Mobile or Web Application built to your specification
  • Responsive web application with cross browser and device support
  • Maintainable clean code built to best practices
  • AWS Cloud Hosting expertise
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My Process

Even the simplest of applications usually have some elements of complexity. To avoid an issues I will work closely with you through every stage of the project, from gathering requirements to final delivery.

  • Discuss Requirements - We will talk about your goals and what you want your application to do.
  • Cost estimate - Once I have a good idea of the scope of the project I can provide you with a cost and time estimate.
  • Project Overview - I will write a detailed project overview which will list out all the agreed deliverables and costs. If you are happy to go ahead, than I will take an initial payment of 40% for small projects or a 2 week advance for larger projects so I can schedule you in.
  • Research & Discovery - At this stage I will find out everything I need to start designing your application. This includes all the various screens and features your application will have.
  • Wireframe Sketching - I will produce wireframes of all the screens in your application so you can get an idea of how it will look as well as give us a visual aid for making design decisions.
  • Design - I will put together designs of each application view from the agreed wireframes and discuss typography, colours and other key elements with you.
  • Development - At this point I will build out your application and we can review how it looks throughout the process.
  • Testing - Testing happens throughout the development process including the writing of unit tests. Once a feature is ready it will be fully tested along with the existing features. The application will be available on a temporary public endpoint for testing.
  • Final Delivery - Once all the agreed features have been developed the source code will be provided and we will move your application to a production environment.

The Cost

It is very difficult to give a guideline on how much your application will cost without knowing more about the details of your project.

Software development is time consuming and more complex than website design and development. For large projects I work in one week sprints and charge weekly for this. For smaller projects such as simple online calculators I can offer a fixed price.

Small applications such as website tools and calculators will typically be in the range of £5,000 to £20,000, depending on the requirements.

Bespoke business applications requiring user authentication, file uploads, multiple features and views will be charged at a weekly rate. The full cost of these projects are usually between £30,000 to £100,000.

It is also worth noting that hosting fees for web applications which require a database generally start at around £30 a month but can escalate quickly for high traffic sites.

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What I Don't Do

I can build most applications but there are some areas which I don't cover:

  • Mobile Games - I mainly focus on mobile tools and business applications. Games usually either require 3D graphics or custom illustrations which are better suited to a graphic designer.
  • Illustrations - Custom graphics for your website are best done by a dedicated graphic designer. I can however help you find a freelancer you can work with for this.
  • Hosting - I can help set up your hosting environment on AWS but the monthly hosting fees are not covered in the costs.