❤️ Fans

❤️ Fans

A huge thank you to all the fans who make this website and my YouTube videos possible.

Hi Everyone,

I create free content for aspiring software developers on YouTube and write regular articles on my blog.

YouTube videos take a long time to produce and to make sure I can do this for a long time I have created a Patreon page so that you can support me if I have helped you in some way.

As a thank you for supporting me, I will add your name to my sponsor list at the end of every video and on this page.

I have also created a private Discord server where you can ask me questions, get advice and interact with the community. This also gives you a chance to request topics for me to cover and help guide the direction of my YouTube channel.

I plan to release full-length courses in the near future and will be giving out exclusive discount codes to my fans.

Thank you for considering sponsoring me.

True Fan

By supporting me in this tier, you will have your name added to the end of newly recorded YouTube videos videos and to my sponsor page and will gain access to my private Discord community. When my courses are released, you will also be given exclusive discounts.

What's included
  • 🔓 Access to my Private Discord Community
  • 🙋‍♂️ Name added to the end of new videos
  • 📝 Exclusive Member-only content and updates
  • 🧑‍💻 Name added to this fans page
  • 💰 Exclusive discounts on my future courses
🌟 Become a True Fan

Interested in becoming a fan but need more information?

If you need more information you can check out my Patreon Page or contact me for more information.


No one has become a fan yet 😢.

Will you be the first?

If you are the first fan to join, I will give you a personal shout-out on my YouTube channel as well as a shout-out on my social media channels in addition to all the benefits you get as a True Fan.