DevUp WordPress Theme

Before I started this blog I looked everywhere to find the perfect WordPress theme. I knew I wanted a minimal theme that put content first. I specifically wanted something with a wide content area to cope with blocks of code. It needed to look good and work well on all devices. It had to be easy to work with and support third-party plugins.

There were a few developer blogs I already liked such as Haacked and Coding Horror but these blogs don’t run off WordPress and I couldn’t find any themes that looked like those.

So I did what most people do and try and Google for an answer. So to Google, I went and typed in “Best WordPress theme for programming blog”.

I found a good post on Quora that outlined my exact requirements:

If you want such content to look better, I suggest you go for a simple blog theme, without too many colors, without any portoflio-like features (featured images and the like). I’d also look for a blog theme where the content area is larger than average; nothing more frustating than to have an horizontal scroll bar in a code box imo.

But the best theme suggestion was the default TwentyEleven theme which didn’t have the wide content area I was looking for.

So I decided to build my own theme and DevUp was born. The DevUp theme is minimal, fully responsive on all devices and has built-in code syntax highlighting so that code snippets look great.

DevUp Wordpress Theme

Theme Features

  • Fully responsive design so your website looks great on all devices
  • Clean minimalist design
  • Wide content area perfect for showing code snippets
  • Live theme customizer – see your changes before going live
  • Built-in code syntax highlighting with 7 different styles and support for 45 languages.
  • Customise any colour on your site (see DevUp Customisation)
  • Optional logo or photo in the sidebar
  • One-click automatic theme updates via the WordPress Dashboard

Developer Features

  • Built on the Foundation framework by Zurb
  • Meets all WordPress coding standards
  • GPL Licensed
Check out the DevUp Live Preview!

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