Why I switched from Windows to a Mac, and won’t go back

As a .NET developer I have spent most of my computing career with Microsoft at the helm. So here is my journey to this point and why I can’t see myself going back to Windows.

I started coding when I was 10, with a Windows 3.1 machine that my Dad had brought home from work (I assume they were already obsolete at this point). Since then I have used pretty much every Windows incarnation to date. With the revelation that the start menu made with Windows 95 and the stability brought from Windows 98. Windows ME (:shudder:), Windows 2000, XP, 8, 8.1 and now Windows 10.

To be honest, I quite like Windows 10 but the annoyances that existed with the previous versions are still there. Plus, I have had a few unfortunate circumstance over the last few years that have put me off Windows.

It started with Windows 8. The first version of Windows where I have had to Google how to do a shutdown. You can imagine my relief when they made the genius decision to put the shutdown button back on the start screen. However like many, I didn’t have the seamless upgrade to Windows 8.1 that I had hoped. I had some faith, that after Windows had installed the 170 updates I would be up and running with the new version.

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Best Adult Coloring Books for Geeks

I think most people have fond memories of colouring from their childhood, there is something about making a black and white picture come to life with colour that is very satisfying. I first heard about adult coloring books about a year ago when looking at forms of meditation. As a child it is called colouring in, as an adult it is called mindfulness. As a software engineer it is good to have a hobby that doesn’t involve looking at a screen.

I started with The Mindfulness Coloring Book, and although it is probably good for some people I didn’t like the mindless random patterns. I think anyone with even a mild case of OCD would find this book frustrating as sometimes the lines don’t match up making alternating patterns impossible.

My wife has a couple of good colouring books such as Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom and Johanna Basford’s Enchanted Forest. The problems is I don’t want to colour in flowers, animals or random patterns. My 2 year old daughter loves colouring at the moment and I think it was colouring in with her that made me realise I like using realistic colours.

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