10 Best YouTube Channels for Software Developers

10 Best YouTube Channels for Software Developers

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It has never been easier to learn how to code. When I first started to learn programming I had to learn from a book. Now you can get the equivalent of a free university course on YouTube.

Whether you are a complete beginner or already a professional programmer there is bound to be a YouTube channel for you.

There are channels covering everything from JavaScript to Interview Tips. To help you find the right channel for you I have added a topic and a level for each one so you a find the best fit.

Let’s get started.

1. freeCodeCamp.org

Level: Beginner Topic: Full-Length Courses

freecodecamp YouTube banner

Unless you have been living under a developer rock you probably have heard of FreeCodeCamp. They are a whole team of developers that are producing content for FreeCodeCamp everything from YouTube videos to blog posts.

The team mostly focus on full-length tutorials which are several hours long and now have over 1,400 videos on their channel.

If you are new to programming, following some of their tutorials is a good place to start.

freeCodeCamp.org YouTube Channel

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2. Fireship

Level: Beginner Topic: 100-Second Technology Overviews

Fireship YouTube Banner

It can be difficult to stay up to date with all of the latest technologies and new programming languages that are coming out.

Fireship regularly does short videos (under 3 minutes) covering new technologies that you need to know about. They are often quite funny and a great way to stay up to date with the latest trends

Fireship YouTube Channel

3. The Net Ninja

Level: Intermediate Topic: Web Framework Courses

The Net Ninja YouTube Banner

If you have web development experience and want to pick up a new framework, then The Net Ninja channel is a good place to start.

They frequently do series covering a particular framework and going in-depth on React and Next.js.

The Net Ninja YouTube Channel

4. Andy Sterkowitz

Level: Beginner Topic: Self-Taught Developer Advice

Andy Sterkowitz YouTube Banner

If you are trying to learn how to code Andy has some great advice for self-taught programmers.

He frequently covers topics such as how to learn faster and why following tutorials never work.

Andy Sterkowitz YouTube Channel

5. Alex Hyett

Level: Beginner Topic: Engineering Concepts

Alex Hyett YouTube Banner

Ok, you caught me, shameless plug. I started my own YouTube channel last year to help developers with everything they need to know to get a developer job.

I cover engineering topics that all developers need to know as well as give career advice for upcoming developers.

Alex Hyett YouTube Banner

6. ArjanCodes

Level: Intermediate Topic: Python

ArjanCode YouTube Banner

If you regularly code in Python then Arjan’s channel should definitely be on your subscription list. Unlike a lot of the channels on this Arjan goes beyond the beginner topics and covers things such as coupling, unit testing, and tips for senior developers.

ArjanCodes YouTube Channel

7. Nick Chapsas

Level: Intermediate Topic: C#

Nick Chapsas YouTube Banner

Nick is a Microsoft MVP and covers everything C# and .NET. He regularly covers new C# features as well as tips and tricks.

If you are a .NET developer then it is definitely a channel worth subscribing to. I used to work with Nick at my last company and he definitely knows his stuff.

Nick Chapsas YouTube Channel

8. Code with Ania Kubów

Level: Beginner Topic: Beginner Projects

Ania Kubow YouTube Channel

It can sometimes be difficult to know where to start when you are learning how to code. A great way to learn is to build something fun. Ania regularly covers fun projects such as battleships or even coding Zelda.

Code with Ania Kubów YouTube Channel

9. Engineering with Utsav

Level: Beginner Topic: Career Advice

Engineering with Utsav YouTube Banner

Utsav gives advice to software developers on how they can succeed in their careers. If you are a junior developer and you are looking to grow then it is worth subscribing to his channel.

Engineering with Utsav YouTube Channel

10. Internet Made Coder

Level: Beginner Topic: Advice for Beginners

Internet Made Coder YouTube Banner

I have been amazed at the growth of this channel. Tuomas started his channel just 1 year ago and he is already at over 200K subscribers. He regularly covers topics for beginners looking to get a job in software engineering. He produces high-quality videos which is probably why he has managed to grow so quickly.

Internet Made Coder YouTube Channel

Honourable Mentions

All the channels I have mentioned so far (apart from my own) are big YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

As a small YouTuber, it can be difficult to get noticed and grow your channel even when you spend hours producing great content.

Here are some smaller channels that produce great content that is definitely worth watching.

  • CodeWithStu - Stuart covers intermediate to expert-level videos on .NET and DevOps.
  • Gui Ferreira - Gui produces videos for beginner and intermediate .NET developers.
  • Dan Clarke - Dan started his channel just recently and is covering videos on .NET, Docker and Git.

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